Understanding light is a major part of photography. Understand how perspective is shown in  your photography.

Private Photographic Coaching

If you are looking to 'Fast-track' your photography I  will tailor content to match your specific needs, interest and level of expertise to make rapid progress.

My background is Travel Photography. Have a look at the galleries on this site. If you are interested in the same kind of subject matter I can help you develop your own skills.

Composition, Photographing People, Street photography, Understanding Light and much more.

Perhaps you need help with editing a portfolio. 

Contact me with your requirements using the form below.

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Private Photographic Coaching


Intensive One on One Coaching. If you need to make rapid progress with your photography Andy will tailor content to suit your interests and level of experience. Absolute Beginner to Advanced.

Andy you have so much passion for your photography, it shines through in your teaching, a great day, many thanks!

Sylvia MacKenzie

Thank you Andy for a great day of learning, everything was beautifully explained, and you practical exercises showed me so much also.

Diane Favorito

This 2 day course has an important  session on composition and photographic design. It covers some useful \'rules\' of composition. You will learn how to shoot more interesting images.
Private Photographic Tuition is available in Katoomba & Leura in the Blue Mountains.
Private lessons cost $100 per hour for 1 person.

Get a couple of friends together and save. Simply add $25 per hour per person.