Entering the Blogosphere

logo-bk-aliasWith a little trepidation I am entering the Blogosphere. It’s my intention to post once or twice a month on a range of photography related subjects. There will be tips and techniques for improving your own photography, advice on and reviews of equipment, news of upcoming exhibitions and events.

When I taught myself photography (back in the late 70’s) I found it very useful to read about the experiences of other photographers.
In this blog I am going to look at individual images and discuss the thought processes involved and to a lesser degree the camera settings and equipment used.



Moroccan Roll

My previous visit to Morocco had been in 1979. At the time I had a huge mop of curly hair, flared trousers and a brand new all manual, all mechanical Pentax MX 35mm SLR. 35 years later I wondered how much had changed. At a personal level the hair, flares and MX had long gone. More importantlyContinue ReadingContinue Reading