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Travel Photography with One Lens


It can be a real pain in the neck/backside to carry a whole swag of lenses. Of course the lens on the camera never seems to be the right one for the ‘shot of a lifetime’ that’s just presented itself. By the time you shuffled through your bag, retrieved the vital optic, removed the caps, detached and safely stowed the current lens…the moment has evaporated!

It is tempting to turn to an all-in-one travel lens. Here are a few observations.

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Moroccan Roll

My previous visit to Morocco had been in 1979. At the time I had a huge mop of curly hair, flared trousers and a brand new all manual, all mechanical Pentax MX 35mm SLR. 35 years later I wondered how much had changed. At a personal level the hair, flares and MX had long gone. More importantlyContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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