Photography Courses in Sydney are terrific way to improve your photographic skills. These digital photography classes are designed to be fun and informative.

If you have just bought a digital camera the half day beginner's class will show you all you need to know to get the very best results.

Learn to freeze action with fast shutter speeds, throw distracting backgrounds out of focus by setting apertures.

The full day photography course also starts with the absolute basics then goes on to build upon those concepts to take your photography to the next level. Subjects covered include metering types, perspective, lens choice, RAW files and much more.

The Travel Photography Courses will teach you how bring back creative images from your travels rather than just holiday snaps.

Refresh your mind, body and photography on one of our Blue Mountains Photography Courses.

Customer Comments

I found the experience entertaining, educational, even exciting.

Tim Irwin

Great fun and relaxed photography course from a friendly and approachable person.
Dineish Nallainathan

Fantastic class. Set right some old habits and de-mystified key elements of digital SLR photography. Money very well spent.
Trish Nichitean

I was particularly impressed with your patience and ability to put over the information in both a practical and theoretical sense.
Hyph Read-Jones

This course was great... You explain things in an easy to understand language and are very patient.
Felicity Martin-Porter

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