2 Day Travel Photography Workshop


This 2 day course will teach you how to use your camera properly but also deals with the creative side. Includes tips and techniques for stronger travel images.

Two Day Travel Photography Course in Sydney

Even if you don't have any travel plans the subjects and techniques covered in the course will improve all of your outdoor photography. 

We will explore the use of Shutter Speeds to control the way motion is recorded. You will learn how to control Depth of Field , practicing throwing backgrounds out of focus.

There is a session dedicated to "Composition" and photographic design. We will explore the nature of light; why it changes due to time of day, location and altitude, how it shapes an image.

There are lots of tips and techniques to make much stronger images. Subjects explored include: Landscapes, how to capture the grandeur. Moving in close for 'macro' shots with impact. There is advice on how to tackle photographing people and 'street' photography. 

The course finishes with a fun night photography shoot.

Small Groups. Free Loan Cameras available.

Suitable for: from Absolute BEGINNERS through to  "already know the basics"

Duration: 2 Days (12-13 hrs)

Cost: $330 (Usually $395) including Refreshments.  

Understanding light is a major part of photography. Understand how perspective is shown in  your photography.
2 Day Travel Course in Sydney
Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September
Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th November
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Customer Comments

Great course and I learnt a great deal. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to get the most out of their camera and travel photos. Very fun and interactive!

Marianne Deutscher

This was a great class!! It was great to be able to learn the basics and then build on them. Andy was really nice and a great teacher! Would recommend this class for anyone who is interested in Travel Photography

Calli Holden

Andy, I thought your class was very informative and a great tool for someone just learning the ropes of photography. It was great to discover how many different things you can do with digital SLR cameras. I am very glad I took this course prior to my trip to Spain. Thank you

Aaron Besley

This 2 day course has an important  session on composition and photographic design. It covers some useful 'rules' of composition. You will learn how to shoot more interesting images.

Hi Andy, I really enjoyed the weekend travel photography course. It was really helpful to learn about techiniques, functionality and practical side of photography... I sure will be thinking of you as I travel the world and take pictures incorporating all that I learnt this weekend!

Diana Augustine

The class really helped to clarify some of the technical aspects of photography. I finally feel like I actually know how to use my fancy camera !...I like that it had a specific theme (i.e. travel photography) making the course very practical and relevant to the needs of a traveller. My favourite element was the session on composition where we got to analyse Andy's work. It was inspiring, and got me excited to out there and work on my skills... Merci Andy! C'etait un vrai plaisir.

Katia Spies

You will learn how to create stronger night photography images.

Important information:

In case of Bad Weather;
Workshops will proceed unless the weather is plainly unsuitable. Good photography does not require "good" weather and cloudy conditions are perfect for some subjects.

If the weather conditions are too bad e.g. steady rain or very windy the class may be postponed and I will send a text message to your mobile phone based on the Bureau of Meteorology weather forecast at 6pm the day before the workshop.
(see www.bom.gov.au/weather/nsw/)
In which case I will try to reschedule the class to suit the majority of students.

What you will need to bring;
Camera: a DSLR Or "Mirrorless" plus lens(es) Or a Compact digital camera with full manual override* Memory Card(s) ,Fully charged Camera Battery, plus spare if you have one. Notepad & Pen